Timothy Lewis’s life


I am a 20 year old junior that is attending Cleveland State University for Journalism and Promotional Communication. I graduated from Euclid High School with a passion for Journalism which prompted me to attend  CSU because of their Journalism program.


During my senior year in high school I was taking a film and media class. As a final project students had to make a film that was to show at a local movie theater. Here is the trailer for that movie.

I work at the Gamestop in the Richmond Heights location I enjoy my job as one of my main hobbies is playing video games. I love my job but at the same time its not the stereotype that people think it is of just standing around and talking about video games, its about standing around and playing video games.


As a gamer many of the podcasts that I listen to are on IGN, such as this one for the big games coming out in 2016



I am the youngest of four and all of us grew up in Euclid, I have lived there all of my life.

635838380381786537-1225222232_journalismI decided to go into Journalism because I want my voice to be heard and I wasn’t to be a messenger to the people. Being able to say exactly what needs to be said. It is a field that has lots of potential and people get to gain new experiences.

Perks of being a Journalist


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